Each year the global Huntington's community unites during the month of May in a shared mission to raise awareness.

Huntington's disease awareness month

In 2021 the Huntington’s Disease Alliance UK and Ireland, which consists of The Huntington's Disease Association, Scottish Huntington's Association, Huntington's Disease Association of Ireland and Huntington's Disease Association Northern Ireland came together for Huntington's disease awareness month. We teamed up with project funders, Roche, and PR company, M&F Health to raise nationwide awareness around Huntington's disease. 

What did we do?

  • The Living History project
  • A large social media campaign
  • Celebrity ambassadors
  • The creation of videos that feature interviews with Huntington's disease families
  • Surveys to gain important data from the Huntington's community
  • Conversations with decision-makers
  • Launch of a campaign website
  • Raising awareness by sharing information with the press
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Family Matters website

As part of the campaign, the Huntington's Disease Alliance UK and Ireland created a dedicated website that hosts an array of information including read stories from others affected by Huntington's disease and our family survey statistics.

Visit the website

Living History project

We collected snapshot stories from people who are living with Huntington’s disease and who want to share what this means to them and their family. The Living History Project is a digital space for the Huntington’s community to share pictures, words and thoughts on how they feel about living with Huntington's. By creating this space and allowing everybody within our community to post a message or a visual image, we will be able to create a 'living history’ project that will help the wider world understand the impact of Huntington’s disease.

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The awareness month campaign has been partially funded by an independent donation Roche Products Ltd. Roche have had no editorial influence over the content.

Campaign awards

We were delighted to win two awards for this campaign.

The first award was at the Communiqué Awards. The judges of the Communiqué Awards 2022 said:

"Family Matters was a strong, well put together campaign. It was really comprehensive, well-rounded and exceeded its target, with excellent results. The campaign was based on a clear understanding of the current position, prevalence and impact of Huntington's disease and patient insight. It was well developed and executed."

Visit the Communiqué Awards website

The second award that the campaign won was Gene People Awards (formally known as Genetic Disorders UK). 

"Gene People Awards is a new awards ceremony focused entirely on genetic conditions. It commemorates outstanding individuals and groups who have achieved incredible things in genetic conditions, whether across the genetic community or for a specific condition. The awards focus on achievements from 2020 and 2021, including campaigns that took place during the pandemic. It is an opportunity to celebrate those in the genetic condition community who accomplished amazing things despite the major challenges at the time."

Visit the Gene People Awards website

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Campaign Award Winner (2)