Huntington's disease is an all consuming genetic condition that affects whole families. Families that are fighting battles we can't even imagine.

Did you know that the breakdown of nerve cells in the brain means you lose control of your movement, memory and mood? This May we're asking people to give 5 minutes of their time to get to know Huntington's disease.

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Huntington's in the family

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How can you get involved?

Whether you have never heard of Huntington's disease or it's in your family, there are plenty of ways you can get involved. Our partnership pack contains template social media posts and access to our images and shareable assets.

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New to Huntington's disease?

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  • Share this page with people that do not know about Huntington's disease
  • Add a sticker to your picture when sharing your story
  • Add a frame to your social profile picture (you need Facebook or Twitter to login to get these, please email if you don't have either and we can assist you)


  • Share your story with us for the 'Huntington's in the family' community page
  • Create a video for us
  • Share your story with your local press


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In their shoes

You can also find out what it's like to live in a family with Huntington's disease in these three blogs that feature in our BBC Lifeline Appeal. The video is available to watch on iPlayer until 19 May.

This awareness month take a walk in their shoes by taking part in our annual fundraiser, #HDHike and raise valuable funds that will go directly into supporting people affected by Huntington's disease.

BBC Lifeline

BBC Lifeline - Charlotte's story

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Chris Lifeline

BBC Lifeline - Chris' story

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BBC Lifeline

BBC Lifeline - Natalie's story

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Kelly Gordon - Walking - Consent 2022

#HDHike 2024

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Who we support

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We support Children and young people from Huntington's families

Huntington's disease

We support anyone affected by Huntington's including carers, reletives and employers


We support professionals who work with people affected by Huntington's