Research studies of all sizes are important to the Huntington's disease community.

Huntington's Disease Association is a support charity. This means that money raised is used to fund services such as:

  • Specialist advisory service
  • Youth engagement service
  • Helpline service
  • Training professionals and care homes

It also funds the work we do around campaigning for change and working to influence decision-makers and Parliamentarians on things such as NICE guidelines, baseline support across England and Wales, benefits, and abolishing mental health discrimination.

Research for Huntington's disease

The Huntington's Disease Association directs funding towards research that directly improves the lives of those affected by this disease. While numerous studies are underway globally, our focus remains on initiatives that offer practical support in the present. Despite progress in understanding Huntington's, a cure remains elusive, highlighting the importance of addressing symptoms and delaying their onset.

It's positive that there is a significant investment into research to find a cure for Huntington's disease, which is unprecedented through private investment and pharmaceutical investment. It gives us hope to see the innovative repurposing of existing drugs and the development of new treatments tailored to Huntington's symptoms. These advancements are driven by collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and research-specific charities.

That means the money we receive as a charity to invest in research we can use to invest in supporting research that improves the lives of those living with the illnesses to enhance the quality of life for those affected by this condition, here and now.

The money you give to the Huntington's Disease Association helps us work towards our mission to build a better life for anyone affected by Huntington's disease. This includes working with many research projects and pharmaceutical companies.

If you are passionate about supporting Huntington's disease research you can help by taking part in a trial, join Enroll HD.

Enroll HD is a collaboration between Huntington’s disease families, clinicians, and researchers to accelerate progress toward effective treatments.

Research we fund