Supporting Huntington’s research.

We continue to do all we can to continue in the fight for a cure for Huntington’s disease. We have been closely working with pharmaceutical companies communicating research studies, and drug trials, and keeping the community up to date with the latest results from research studies.


We continue to fund HDBUZZ Huntington's disease research news. In plain language. Written by scientists. For the global Huntington’s community.

Attendance at the EHDN conference in September allowed us to meet with Huntington's disease Associations across the world as well as meet with various pharmaceutical companies. Together we work to inform the community of all developments in the drug world with the potential to help people affected by Huntington's disease.


HD Voice

HD Voice continues to grow. HD Voice is an initiative by the Huntington’s Disease Association that gives families a voice in Huntington’s disease research and the internal work of the charity. They have been involved in many research projects giving valuable feedback on research. The group were also involved with supporting the communication and fundraising team. One of the HD Voice members was successfully appointed to the Clinical Research Network Kent, Surrey and Sussex (CRN KSS) as a Patient and Public Representative to the Partnership Board.

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