The executive council of the Huntington’s Disease Association is our board of trustees. 

The trustees are there to make sure that the charity is running well and we’re doing what the charity was set up to do. 

They ensure the charity has the money it needs and spends it sensibly on the activities it was raised for. They make sure the charity follows the law, including preparing reports and accounts for the Charity Commission. They also make sure the Huntington's Disease Association doesn’t break the rules in our governing document (memorandum and articles of association). 

What do our trustees do

  • Trustees use their skills and experience to make sure the charity runs efficiently.
  • Trustees are allowed to get advice from external sources like solicitors or other experts if they need to.
  • All trustees make decisions about the charity collectively, working as a team. Decisions don’t usually need to be unanimous – so long as the majority of trustees agree.
  • The trustees delegate the day-to-day running of the charity to the senior management team.
Dr. Nayana Lahiri Lead Consultant in Clinical Genetics, St Georges London (5)

Cath Lyon



Chloe Holmes


Dave Thomas

David Thomas


George Trustee

Dr George El-Nimr


Nayana Lahiri - Trustee

Dr Nayana Lahiri



Hayley Hubberstey


Nick Heath - Tresurer

Nick Heath

Honorary Treasurer

Hugh Rickards - Trustee Chair

Professor Hugh Rickards


Sian Barker - Trustee

Sian Barker

Vice Chair

Steve Duckett - Trustee

Steve Duckett