Join us in celebrating the first ever Odds And Socks Day! 

What Are The Odds?

Join us in celebrating our first ever Odds And Socks Day! Wear and share your wildest odd socks to help us raise awareness of the disease as well as vital funds for people affected by Huntington’s disease. We're asking everyone who registers for Odds And Socks Day to raise a minimum of £50 to support our work.

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Leap into leap year this Odds And Socks Day!

Thursday 29 February 2024

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We have now given out all 150 pairs of free odd socks... but you can wear your own crazy socks on Odds And Socks Day!



What is Huntington's disease? 

Huntington’s is a rare incurable disease – approximately 8,000 people in the UK are currently living with the condition and a further 32,000 are at risk of developing it. It has a devastating impact on families, particularly in the latter stages when people need full-time nursing care.

The disease affects your nervous system which impacts your movement, behaviour and cognitive function.

Facts about Huntington's disease

50:50 chance of inheriting the faulty gene

The odds are like flipping a coin.

Facts about Huntington's disease

It affects both genders

Both males and females are at risk.

Facts about Huntington's disease

The disease affects your nervous system

This means it impacts your movement, behaviour and cognitive function

It is genetic which means if one of your parents carries the gene, you have 50:50 odds of inheriting it. That’s a one in two chance and we’ve launched Odds And Socks Day to highlight the odds of inheriting Huntington’s.

Why your support matters

Meet Megan. Megan’s dad was diagnosed with Huntington’s when she was just 12 years old. She became a young carer, offering emotional support and gradually caring for his physical needs as his symptoms worsened.

I wouldn't want to put anyone through what I've experienced – it's just horrible. My dad has declined over the last 12 years, he now can't walk, his speech is very limited, he's not really aware of what's going on around him and he can get distressed – it's really upsetting. The genetic aspect of the disease is very scary because the odds of inheriting it are 50:50 – it's literally the flip of a coin. I recently made the decision to get tested. If I have the gene, I know I need to prioritise my health and do the things I want to do now. The work that the Huntington’s Disease Association do is so important, they help individuals and families impacted by a disease which can be very isolating and scary.

Read Megan's full story below.


Why I am supporting Odds And Socks Day

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Get your socks on 

Stripes, spots or a medley of colours? Whatever you decide, make sure you are wearing your oddest, craziest socks on Odds And Socks Day. Get sponsored to wear your odd socks and commit to raising a minimum of £50 for the Huntington’s Disease Association – it’s quick and easy to register and the first 150 people get a free pair of odd socks. Update -  we have now given out all 150 pairs of free odd socks... but you can wear your own crazy socks on Odds And Socks Day!

Follow the easy steps below:

  • Register below. We have now given out all 150 pairs of free odd socks... but you can wear your own crazy socks on Odds And Socks Day!
  • Download our helpful fundraising guide and materials from our website – you can even order balloons and stickers.
  • Encourage family, friends and colleagues to take part or donate and put up our downloadable poster around your school, college, university or workplace.
  • Let people know you are getting involved on social media using the downloadable social graphics and hashtags #OddsAndSocksDay #WhatAreTheOdds – you can even post some teaser pics of which socks you might wear on the big day.
  • Wear your silliest odd socks with pride on 29 February 2024 and join the nation in flooding social media with photos and videos of your fabulous feet.

Let’s get social 

Help us create a buzz in the run up to the big day by sharing our content or posting teaser pics and videos of the socks you might select – but don’t wear them just yet.

Share your journey on social media and help us spread the ‘socks’ to encourage other people to join in, then on 29 February post a photo or video of your fabulous feet wearing your silliest socks! 🤩

#OddsAndSocksDay #WhatAreTheOdds 

Please be sure to tag us in any posts too so that we can share your content.

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Who can get involved? 

Odds And Socks Day is for everyone! Whether you’re heading to school or work or simply putting your feet up – make sure you’re wearing your wildest odd socks.


At school

Huntington’s disease is tough on families – it can affect your mum and dad, brothers and sisters. Can you find your silliest odd socks to wear to school on Odds And Socks Day? You will be helping thousands of families living with a serious disease.


At work

Get your colleagues involved – whether you are working from home, in the office or enjoying a well-deserved day off, wear your wackiest odd socks to work on Odds And Socks Day and help people who are affected by Huntington’s disease.

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At home

Odds And Socks Day is for everyone, everywhere – whether you're planning to spend the day at home with your feet up or have made plans with friends, you can still wear odd socks and help us to spread the word and raise important funds.

Thank you to our supporters

Huntington’s Disease Association are proud to be supported by actor George Rainsford, best known for his roles in Casualty and Call The Midwife. He’ll be wearing odd socks along with the rest of the nation on the 29 February.

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