Huntington's disease ambassadors are community members who work with us to help raise awareness by public speaking, talking to the press and media and providing valuable assets for campaigns such as awareness month.

What does it take to be an ambassador?

We are not currently taking on any more ambassadors at this moment in time.


Being an ambassador is really rewarding and helps people to grow in confidence and use their stories to inspire others.


Through our ambassador scheme, you will be one of the faces of Huntington's disease for our charity. We will support you in sharing your story and there will be future opportunities to develop your skills through things such as media training.


What is involved?

To be an ambassador you will be required to join a group that will be sent media / speaking requests as well as requests for the Huntington's Disease Association. These requests could be, but are not limited to:

  • Press and media requests
  • Quotes or interviews with publications or researchers
  • Speakers for conferences, lectures or talks
  • Social media content such as videos or soundbites
  • Sharing content for big campaigns such as awareness month, parliamentary news or surveys 

Who can become an ambassador?

Anyone from the Huntington's disease community who is happy to talk and share their story in a public-facing setting.

  • With Huntington's disease
  • At risk or negative
  • Carers
  • Family members
  • Fundraisers

How to apply

Please read the document below which covers all aspects of joining the ambassador programme.

Click here to download


Once you have read and understand what is involved, please fill out an application form and a member of the team will be in touch.

Application form

Meet our ambassadors

Alexia Hall - Ambassador - Consent 2023


Anna Walsh - Ambassador - Consent 2023


Cara Ambassador


Carly Ambassador


Charlie Ambassador


Charlotte Ambassador


Charlotte Hewitt - Ambassador - Consent 2023


Chris Ambassador


Daniel Ambassador


Emma Ambassado


Gemma Ambassador


Hannah Ambassador


Jen Ambassador


Joe Riley Ambassador


Jordanne Ambassador


Liv Ambassador


Mark Ambassador


Megan Ambassador


Poppy Ambassador


Rebecca Hardwick - Ambassador - Consent 2022


Steve Ambassador


Huntington's disease ambassador


How we will protect your data

You can view our privacy policy here. Any personal information you provide us via your application form will not be shared without your consent. This information will be stored securely and will only be used if we need to identify someone for a request in a particular area or with a particular status. 

View our privacy policy


Please note that you will be invited to join our ambassador WhatsApp group, this means that your phone number will be visible to the rest of the ambassador group. You are able to hide your name and profile picture on WhatsApp, you can find out how to do this here.

View WhatsApp guide