Creep on fundraising with our family friendly Halloween ideas.

We have put together out top ten fundraising ideas that you can try with your frankenfriends, family or little ghouls.

  • Halloween party - charge people an entry fee or run classic Halloween games like bobbing for apples during the event and ask for a donation to take part.

  • Pumpkin carving competition - charge a fee to enter with a % being given to the winner or secure a prize for the winner with the help of one of our fundraising authorisation letters.

  • Screen your favorite scary films with your family and friends and ask for a donation

  • Organise a quiz night dedicated to terrifying trivia

  • Halloween themed cake sale - Get creative and make all your cakes Halloween themed

  • Spooky Halloween costume party or day in the office- secure a prize for the winner

  • Take part in your own sponsored walk. Decide on your distance and dress up as your favourite spooky character

  • Organise a murder mystery night. This could include a formal sit down meal or get dressed up as your favourite Cluedo character and have a games night with friends. Your guests could earn extra clues in return for donations

  • Guess how many treats are in a jar. You can find lots of Halloween themed sweets around this time of year. Put them into a jar of your choice and ask for a donation per guess. The winner gets to keep the jar

  • Add a donate now QR code to your trick-and-treat bucket and ask for a donation instead of sweets on Halloween night.

If you need help or support setting up your fundraising event then you can speak to one of our terrifying team members by emailing us on Don't forget to register your fundraiser by clicking here