Richard Campos made the brave decision to not only take on a 100km row to raise money for five charities but to break a world record whilst he was doing it. At the end of May, Richard will attempt to row 100km in record time after turning 70 years old just this month.


Tell us a little about you and your background

"My name is Richard and I have just turned 70 years old and I have been indoor rowing for ten years now. In 2012, I was recovering from meningitis and sepsis and I decided that I wanted to get some of my fitness back. I opted for the rower as I wasn’t been used at the gym. A longstanding friend’s son, Jon (pictured) was a personal trainer there and I started working with him to get some discipline into my training. I’ve been with him ever since! Prior to turning 70, I decided that I wanted to push my limits and try to break a world record."


Can you tell us about your fundraising challenge and what record you are trying to break?

"The record I decided to attempt to break is the 100km row. My reasoning was that it was unlikely that there would be many 70 year olds up for pushing themselves that hard. I gave myself two years to increase my fitness and train for this. There have only been six attempts registered with Concept2 [rowing records] of which two were world records; the first in 2004 and the second in 2011 when the present holder took the record. Since then, four people have attempted to break the record but have fallen very short. With my focus and having the preparation time before I reached 70, I believed that the record was entirely possible to take. After registering, it occurred to me that I could raise funds to support a number of charities that were close to me."


You are fundraising for not one but five charities. Could you tell us what charities you are supporting and your connection to each of them?


Antenatal Results and Choices (ARC)

"About 11 years ago my son and his partner announced that they were expecting Archie. Unfortunately, Archie would be born with a genetic disease that meant he would only have a very short life. Their decision to terminate was supported by ARC who supported them all the way through this tragic event."


Huntington’s Disease Association

"A close friend’s husband was diagnosed with Huntington's disease and sadly died in 2015. I’d enjoyed rounds of golf with him and he was a talented artist. The Huntington’s Disease Association offers support for those affected by Huntington’s."


LINKS Sports Trust

"I was referred to LINKS from a local school where I was coaching rowing. I was instantly drawn to the organisation when I met the team and wanted to assist them in developing the opportunity to introduce school kids to the benefits of sport and competition."


Motor Neurone Disease Association

"The wife of a good friend was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) and sadly died this year. The Motor Neurone Disease Association helps with communications aids, financial support and offers a helpline for families."


Sheffield Young Carers 

"I first met Sheffield Young Carers when I called to see them about a funding opportunity. Whilst Katie, the funding director was making a drink, I read about the organisation and was profoundly affected by the effect it had on the children. The charity offers support to children and young people aged 8-25 who live in Sheffield and are young carers."


How is your training going so far and are you on target for breaking your record?

"The training so far has gone very well. The existing record stands at 7:57:54.4 which equates to 2:23.4/500 meters. My training over the last 12 months has averaged at 2:13.6/500 meters.  If I can maintain that rate it would mean a margin of 32:40.0 which would smash the record and be mine hopefully for a few years." 

You have gained lots of support and even have people rowing with you on the day, would you like to tell us more about that?

"I've been blown away by the response to this challenge. Friends who have had their birthdays have asked people to donate the cost of gifts to the challenge. There have also been numerous companies that have donated hundreds of pounds towards the event. I have been supported by Maurten for my nutrition - they support the world's top ten marathon runners so I feel very privileged.

On the day of the event I have a couple of guests rowing with me. Retired, double Olympic, double world champion, double world record holder as well as an ex-Sheffield Wednesday player and a current world indoor silver medalist."

Thank you so much to Richard for sharing his story with us. You can follow his journey and donate to his fundraiser which takes place on 21 May here.


If you are affected by Huntington’s disease and are in need of support, please contact us on 0151 331 5444 or email Our dedicated phone line is open 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday with Specialist Advisers waiting at the other end.