What is HDA Quality Assured?

Choosing a care home that meets both current and future care needs is one of the most challenging decisions that people with Huntington's disease, their families and carers may have to make. Often people move to care homes that don't understand the condition and people tell us interaction with the care home can feel like a battle. We want that to change.

HDA Quality Assured is a quality assurance programme that identifies the behaviours, cultures and specialist services required for a care home to specialise in caring for people affected by Huntington’s disease.

Accreditation is a way for those care homes who invest significant time, resources and commitment in specialist care for people with Huntington’s, to show this to the Huntington's community and benchmark the standards of care they offer. It also allows them to obtain recognition from the Huntington's Disease Association for achieving and maintaining these standards.

HDA Quality Assured, from development to launch, has been driven with the experience and perspective of Huntington's families at its heart. People with the disease, their families and caregivers were consulted and involved in identifying key standards of care that should be practised.

The accreditation scheme involves a comprehensive system of self-assessment, observation and evidence gathering. This is combined with feedback opportunities for the people with Huntington's in care homes, their families and other stakeholders to build a clear understanding of whether the care home operates to the standards identified.

Care homes who are successful in achieving HDA Quality Assured accreditation status receive a certificate of accreditation and are entitled to use the accreditation logo in promotional and marketing material during the two-year period of accreditation.

Care homes who have achieved accreditation standard are added to the directory of accredited care homes.

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