We are asking prospective parliamentary candidates to speak up for people affected by neurological conditions in parliament.

Thursday 13 June is the launch of the Neurological Alliance #NeuroChampion campaign. The campaign will run up until election day on 4 July.

We are joining forces with the Neurological Alliance and over 100 other neurological charities in this campaign to influence parliamentarians to back the 1 in 6 people with a neurological condition and improve services for them.

Neurological conditions are the leading cause of disability worldwide and affect 17,000 people on average in a UK Parliamentary constituency. Improving services for the 1 in 6 people with a neurological condition in the UK will impact friends, family, loved ones and carers too. Ask your election candidates to become a #NeuroChampion in the next Parliament and #BackThe1in6.

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Back the 1 in 6 campaign

The 'back the 1 in 6' campaign started as a nationwide 'My Neuro Survey' to show the varied and lower standard of care for those living with a neurological condition.

Everyone deserves access to the right care, treatment and support at the right time, no matter who you are or where you live. Too often this isn’t the case. For example, most people with a neurological condition are unable to access the mental wellbeing support they need - this rings true for people affected by Huntington's disease. You can read Daniel's story about his difficulty accessing mental health services here

In the ' My Neuro Survey', out of the adults and children affected by neurological conditions, 40% reported their mental wellbeing needs are not being met at all. One adult who completed the survey said:

I have been trying to get help with my mental health since leaving hospital in June 2020, all I have to show for it is a waiting list and links to other websites.

Your next MP can help change this. Call on your local parliamentary candidates to #BackThe1in6 and become a #NeuroChampion in the next Parliament.

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