The My Family Matters campaign has won the Charitable Campaign of the Year Award at the Communiqué Awards 2022.

My Family Matters was an awareness campaign launched in May 2021 for Huntington disease awareness month. The campaign was designed to show the enormous ‘ripple effect’ of Huntington’s within a family unit, to help the public realise the impact of this disease. The campaign also wanted to celebrated the resilience of many of the families affected to help inspire and support the community, and to recognise that every family has a different experience.  


The campaign features a living wall of people's experiences of living with Huntington's disease, hundreds contributed to the project and their contributions can be seen on the My Family Matters website.


The campaign achieved outstanding results. The films alone achieved over 5,297 and 288 hours in total watch time on YouTube and media coverage was extensive in both national and regional media. Broadcast coverage netted over six million opportunities to see the campaign, and print and online coverage brought a further 380 million opportunities to see the story. The social media programme reached over 1.5 million people. The month-long campaign even resulted in four Huntington’s disease questions being tabled in parliament. 


The judges of the Communiqué Awards 2022 said:

"Family Matters was a strong, well put together campaign. It was really comprehensive, well-rounded and exceeded its target, with excellent results. The campaign was based on a clear understanding of the current position, prevalence and impact of Huntington's disease and patient insight. It was well developed and executed."


You can read more of the judge's comments on the Awards website.


Huntington's Disease Alliance

The campaign was organised by The Huntington’s Disease Alliance UK and Ireland. The Huntington’s Disease Alliance was established to promote awareness of Huntington’s disease and improve support for families across the UK and Ireland. The Alliance consists of four independent charities; Scottish Huntington’s Association, the Huntington’s Disease Association Northern Ireland , the Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland and the Huntington’s Disease Association (which operates in England and Wales). The Alliance worked with M&F Health for the campaign.


Cath Stanley, Chief Executive of the Huntington's Disease Association said:

"This is brilliant news for everyone involved in last year's awareness campaign. It was an honour to work in partnership with The Huntington’s Disease Alliance UK and Ireland, and demonstrates together we can achieve so much! The work we did with M& F Health was outstanding. A big thank you to everyone involved in the Huntington's disease community for sharing their stories, poems and art. The My Family Matters campaign is a testament to the communities spirit to raise awareness of Huntington's disease."