A year in review of the charity, research, plus inspirational speakers from the wider Huntington's community. 

After having the plans in place and arrangements made for our first in-person AGM since the pandemic, we were disappointed to have been let down by the venue meaning that we had to move the event online at the last minute. On a positive note, we have all the presentations recorded that we can share with those who did not make the event or those who wish to revisit a particular presentation.

Each of the presentations were also 'live-drawn' by an artist and member of the Huntington's community, Rikki. This was a great way of capturing the day in a memorable way. You can see these all below. 

Cath Stanley

Plans for the future

Chief Executive of the Huntington's Disease Association, Cath Stanley shares updates from the past year and our plans for the future. This talk also includes an update from Trustee, Cathy Lyon about changes in care that she want to implement for those currently living with Huntington's disease.

Huntington's Disease Association AGM

Dr Akshay Nair

Mental Health and Huntington's disease

Dr Akshay Nair is a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist at St. George's Hospital. He focussed this presentation around mental health.

Huntington's Disease Association AGM

Charlotte Conn

Living with Huntington's disease, a personal perspective: 'The Hidden Destroyer'

Charlotte is a passionate Huntington's disease advocate and is a carer for a family member with Huntington's disease. Charlotte shares her journey with Huntington's throughout her life, speaking on being a carer, advocacy, anticipatory grief, loss and living with the phenomenon of knowing she will one day develop symptoms.

Huntington's Disease Association AGM

Professor Ed Wild

Huntington's disease research update

Professor Ed Wild is well known within the Huntington's community for his outstanding experience in neurology, his dedication to research and for his well-known channel, HDBuzz which provides the community with accessible and understandable Huntington's disease and research news.

Huntington's Disease Association AGM

Sarah Gunn

Psychological strategies

Sarah Gunn is a Clinical Psychologist and Researcher. In this talk she discusses psychological strategies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for those affected by Huntington's disease.

Huntington's Disease Association AGM

Thank you to everyone who attended.

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