A technology company are looking for 12 people from the Huntington's community to take part in a paid research study.

Research about digital tablet accessibility

Would you like to take part in a paid research project starting January 2024 for a global technology brand? You could help improve future tablet design taking into consideration the needs of people with Huntington’s disease. Open Inclusion, is a disability and age-inclusive research, design and innovation agency, is recruiting 12 people with Huntington’s disease from the UK to take part in a research diary study.

What's involved?

They are conducting a remote diary study where participants can create short videos or written answers to different questions about your access needs, and experiences using digital technology such as a smartphone or tablet.

This project has two stages. 

The first stage lasts a week. During the week you will be asked to create some videos of a few minutes each telling us about you, your life and your use of digital smartphones or tablets. You may also have some written questions to answer. 

The second stage lasts two weeks and will be with a sub-set of participants from Stage one. You will be provided with a new tablet and asked to create videos showing us how you use the tablet (such as a Google Pixel or Apple iPad) in your daily life, including what is easy to do on the tablet and what is more difficult.

You will be paid £240 for the first week and if you are selected for the second stage, a further £160 plus a new tablet for the next two weeks (which you can keep). If you need carer support to complete the tasks please let them know as there will be some payment available for them.

Who can get involved?

  • Over 18
  • Gene-positive
  • UK resident
  • Use or would like to use smartphones or tablets
  • Open to digital solutions from major technology brands

They are looking for a mix of early-stage symptoms, middle-stage symptoms and some late-stage (which likely will require assistance from a carer)

How to get involved

If you’d like to know more or sign up to the study, please contact Cathy Rundle on cathy@openinclusion.com. There’s no obligation to take part – this is a way for you to make sure it’s right for you before you decide. 

About Open Inclusion

Open Inclusion, a disability-inclusive research, design and innovation agency based in London with a team that works from the UK, EU, USA and Canada. You can find out more about them by visiting www.openinclusion.com