This week we are sharing stories of what being a carer for someone with Huntington's disease means.

Caring for someone with Huntington’s disease is a unique experience. The right support can make a big difference and we’re here to help. Many carers have found it can help them to feel less isolated, and to get advice and support, by connecting with others in a similar situation, either in person or online. We have a website page dedicated to helping you as a carer.

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Other forms of support

Branch and Support Groups 

These can be a great help in meeting with other carers.

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We have a message board where you can chat with other people in a similar situation. This is a safe space for you to share your views.  

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Our specialist advisers will help anyone affected by Huntignotns including carers, you can contact your area's Specialist Adviser or call 0151 331 5444. 

Specialist advisers 

Monthly carer support group

We hold monthly online carer support group meetings.

Online carer group


This week we will be featuring stories from people who are carers across our social media channels.

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Stories from some inspirational carers

Huntington's disease story

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Talk about your journey - A caring wife's perspective

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Emma (mypopsandhd)

A problem shared is a problem halved - A young carers perspective

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