Peter Yardley, a member of the Huntington's community has written a short story and poetry book to raise money for people living with Huntington's.

Peter has written and published the book himself to raise funds for both the Huntington’s Disease Association and Scottish Huntington’s Association.

Wanting to find a way to raise money for a charity close to his heart, Peter, part of a creative writing group and a writer of poetry and short stories decided to get the book published.

The book titled ‘An Anthology of Short Stories, Poems and Other Things’ was self-published by Peter with the help of proof reading and contributions from his creative writing group in the u3a charity.

All money raised in England will go to Huntington’s Disease Association and anything raised in Scotland will go to Scottish Huntington’s Association, anything Peter raises directly through family and friends will be divided equally between both associations. 

As a family we don’t know if our Mum had the condition, but presume she did, as she died from a heart attack at the age of forty-two, well before it would have been diagnosed. My sister Myra died from Huntington's disease for which at present there is no cure. Myra had three children, Bobby, Margo, and the youngest Gillian, unfortunately Gillian has been diagnosed with the condition. As one of the major fundraisers for the Scottish Huntington's Association, Gillan has braved a parachute jump and in 2022 travelled to Selby in Yorkshire and did a wing walk on a Gypsy Moth aeroplane, doing four loop the loops and five-barrel roles. The services both charities provide, not only to the person but their families are vitally important.

Purchasing a book

If you would like to help raise as much as we can, please contact Peter at

The price of the book is £12.50 which includes post and packaging.

Peter can take payments by PayPal or cheque, please let him know which you prefer with your contact details including your postal address. 

Poetry book