Planning for the future is really important for those affected by Huntington's. We look at topics such as insurance, driving, voice banking and continuing health care.

Continuing health care

Planning for the future

In this webinar Emily and Alex will look at the importance of making wills; talk about what power of attorney is, and look at the lasting powers of attorney for property and financial matters and also for health and welfare; and also provide an update on inheritance tax.

Quality of life

Cathy Lyon, a former manager of a specialist care home and Huntington's Disease Association Trustee, will talk about ways to improve the quality of life for people with Huntington's disease.


Senior Occupational Therapist Maggie Moorcroft from Derby DrivAbility discusses when might a driving assessment be needed and how do you access one.

Voice banking with SpeakUnique

Alice Smith and Lynda Tomerelli from SpeakUnique talk about what voice banking is and how it works.

Continuing health care

Alex Fisher, Occupational Therapst talks about the basics of what to aim for when submitting high-quality evidence for health-funded care also known as Continuing Health (CHC).

Pre implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

Genetic counsellors Kathryn Lubasch and Devon Hayes explain about 'Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis', a type of in vitro fertilisation (IVF)

Work for people with Huntington's

Occupational Therapists, Alex Fisher and Kirsty Page discuss social and leisure activities for those affected by Huntington's disease.


Learn about what insurance products are available and the specific implications Huntington's disease has on insurance and about the code on genetic testing and insurance.

Welcome to the genetic clinic

Sharon McDonnel who is a Genetic Counsellor in the North East talks about what you can expect from your visit to the genetic clinic and how they can help you on your Huntington's disease journey.

Advanced care planning

Our End of Life Doula, Cathy Lyon talks about advanced care planning in Huntington's disease.

Remembering charities in your Will

'Remember a Charity in your Will Week' raises awareness of the vital contribution people can make by leaving a gift in their will. Hollyoaks star Juan Pablo Yepez has launched the week for us.