A selection of videos around the theme of mental health. These videos were created as part of the #HuntingtonsInMind awareness month campaign.

Acceptance and commitment therapy

Dr Sarah Gunn, Clinical Psychologist and Researcher in Huntington's disease for a webinar on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Social cognition

Senior Occupational Therapist Alex Fisher, who specialises in working with people with Huntington's disease. Alex talks about social cognition in Huntington's disease and her new research project.

Mental capacity

Alex Fisher, Senior Occupational Therapist will guide us through some of the key issues affecting capacity in Huntington's disease. The ability to make informed decisions about our lives is something we can take for granted

Mental wellbeing in families

Dr Sarah Gunn will share insights from her research into mental health and Huntington's disease and how it impacts the whole family.