Have you ever wanted to take part in a 120mph freefall from a plane?

You could take on a skydive for the Huntington’s Disease Association, jump from 10,000 and support people affected by Huntington's disease. 

Why take part?

Not only will you be raising money to help people affected by Huntington’s disease, but you will be experiencing the thrill of a lifetime.

Olivia Allen took part in a skydive on our behalf in June 2019 and loved the experience. She said:

“I was really excited to be doing a skydive and raising money for the Huntington's Disease Association, especially as I was doing it with my cousin who is also at risk of inheriting the gene. When I was going up in the plane I felt quite relaxed and more excited as I was looking forward to the adrenaline rush. However, the moment where I was sitting on the edge of the plane getting ready to jump, my tummy was doing somersaults. The most exhilarating part was freefalling and I would definitely do it again! As I think everybody should do this once in their life.”

Fundraiser information 

Where: Various locations across the UK

Registration fee: £70

Minimum Sponsorship: £395 (this may vary depending on the airfield)

To book your sponsored tandem skydive please click below. 

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If you have any questions about the skydive or would like to discuss other fundraising opportunities get in touch with us at fundraising@hda.org.uk.