Venezuela has the largest community of people with Huntington's disease in the world.

The St Luis, St Francisco and Barranquitas communities in Venezuela are the largest community of people with Huntington's disease in the world and much of the knowledge that we have today about the genetic makeup of the illness comes from them.

This webinar is hosted by the Huntington's Disease Alliance in conjunction with Alex Fisher who is now a European Associate of Factor H. Please join us as we speak with Marina Gonzalez and the painting group live during this webinar.

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Painters of hope

Once a month, Marina Gonzalez, an Architect and President of Habitat Luz (one of two humanitarian organisations working for people with Huntington's disease) holds the 'Painters of Hope' group in St Luis, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

About Factor H and Habitat Luz

Held in the back room of a church in the neighbourhood, Habitat Luz and Factor H support the community to come together to express themselves through painting. Breakfast is provided to those in the local community attending and dancing is optional.

Last September, they held their first exhibition in the Maracaibo Cultural Centre.

The Huntington’s Disease Alliance

The Huntington’s Disease Alliance was established to promote awareness of Huntington’s disease and improve support for families across the UK and Ireland. The Alliance consists of four independent charities, Huntington's Disease AssociationScottish Huntington's AssociationHuntington's Disease Association Northern Ireland and Huntington's Disease Association of Ireland. The organisations within the Alliance share the common goal of helping people who live with Huntington’s disease to achieve the best quality of life possible. Collectively, the Huntington’s Disease Alliance also strives to universally increase understanding and raise awareness of the impact of the disease on individuals and families affected.