Capita's stakeholder engagement with Huntington’s Disease Association.

This is a guest blog from Capita.

Capita helps businesses run their processes more efficiently - in this case, helping to improve Personal Independence Payments (PIP) processes for the Huntington's disease community. They discuss the importance of working with the Huntington's Disease Association to help bring the condition to life for their Personal Independence Payments (PIP) assessors.


We recently wrapped up another successful stakeholder collaboration through our work with the Huntington’s Disease Association.

Since January, we’ve hosted five awareness sessions with 80 Disability Assessors led by an industry expert in the run-up to the Huntington's Disease Association's 2024 Awareness Month in May.

These were the result of meetings with the Huntington's Disease Association - attended by our stakeholder engagement team Jade Mayfield, Clinical Stakeholder Lead, and Laura Crouch, Stakeholder Engagement Manager - to discuss the challenges people face when applying for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and how we can improve the PIP process.

Part of that discussion included collaborating to ensure we have up-to-date and appropriate learning available as part of the Condition Insight Report. Through the awareness sessions, our aim was to increase the confidence of our health professionals when assessing someone with the disease and to further understand the person behind the condition.

Testimonies show that the work we’ve done has been mutually beneficial for Capita and Huntington's Disease Association over the last few months. Disability Assessors said:

I found this session very interesting I didn’t have much knowledge about Huntington's disease prior and found it helpful to find out more information on this condition. The videos show you more of a glimpse on how the condition impacts people. It put a lot into perspective for me.

Feedback from the Huntington's Disease Association has also been very positive:

We have been very pleased to talk to several teams of assessors from Capita over the past few months. Huntington's disease is a complex condition with physical, cognitive and behavioural symptoms presenting a challenge for the claimant and assessor. We are also grateful to Laura and Jade for their work in setting up the awareness sessions and for coming to talk with our team on some issues accessing the benefits system. We very much look forward to working with Capita in the future to continue to increase awareness and understanding of this devastating condition.

Thank you to Capita for this insight into the valuable work they do.

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