Standards of care in HD for dietitians/SALTs

Article: Nutritional management of individuals with Huntington’s disease: nutritional guidelines
Article: Management of speech, language and communication difficulties in Huntington’s disease
Article: Oral feeding in Huntington’s disease: a guideline document for speech and language therapists

Fact sheets from the HDA for professionals

A SALT and dietician guide and a malnutrition and eating difficulties guide and other useful facts sheets are available to download from the HDA professional fact sheets page

Fact sheets from the HDA

Fact sheets on communication skills, eating & swallowing and HD and diet are available to download from the HDA fact sheets page



Nutricia specialises in the delivery of advanced medical nutrition for the very young, the old and the sick. As well as being the largest specialist nutrition company in Europe, Nutricia is the market leader in the UK. We supply high quality feeds, systems and support services to patients and health care professionals. Through our Nutricia Homeward service, we deliver nutritional feeds, enteral feeding systems and nursing care directly to patients' homes.

Nutricia has recently launched a new recipe based website, MyNutilis, which is intended to support people with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) in making the most of preparing and cooking meals using Nutilis Clear; a xanthan gum based food and fluid thickener. To see how you could be inspired to cook delicious meals for you and your loved ones, visit

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