Other research studies and resources

Using the resources below you can learn all there is to know about Huntington’s disease research activities around the globe. Each of the organisations listed below are independent of the Huntington’s Disease Association and are simply recommendations to find interesting and educational Huntington’s research information.

If you are interested in any of the research studies you may come across when browsing the below resources, please contact the study provider directly for further information.

Huntington’s disease research resources


HD Buzz – HD Buzz provide Huntington’s disease research news, written by scientists in plain language for the global Huntington’s community.

CHDI Foundation – The CHDI Foundation is a non-profit biomedical research organisation devoted to researching Huntington’s disease. Their mission is to develop drugs that will slow the progression of Huntington’s disease and provide meaningful clinical benefit to patients as quickly as possible.

European Huntington's Disease Network - The EHDN is a non-profit research network committed to advancing research, facilitating the conduct of clinical trials and improving clinical care in Huntington’s disease.

You can also visit the ‘News’ section of our website to discover up to date news articles on current advancements in Huntington’s disease research.