Why is HDA Quality Assured accreditation important?

Choosing a care home that meets assessed needs and future care requirements is one of the most challenging decisions that a person, family or carer may have to make. This is particularly true if the person has Huntington's disease due to the additional needs this complex condition brings.

Through consultation with the Huntington's community, we learned that people often find choosing a care home to be a negative experience, with many people describing interaction with care homes as a battle or fight. 71% of people we asked told us they did not have a good experience.

We want to make choosing a care home more of a positive experience for families affected by Huntington's disease. We hope the scheme will improve choice, provide people with reassurance that core standards of care will be provided and more information to help them make a decision about the best care home for their needs.

“The application of a scientific approach and support would assist to make this emotionally challenging decision easier, as under the current arrangements you make this decision more in hope than in the knowledge you are doing the right thing.”

Accreditation identifies standards of care for people living with Huntington’s disease and ensures that care homes are consistently meeting these standards. The benefits of accreditation for people with Huntington's, their families, caregivers and care homes are outlined below:

Patients, families and caregivers

  • Improved information and support for those choosing a care home
  • Improved experiences of those choosing a care home
  • Improved outcomes for those who reside within care homes
  • Increased reassurance for families and caregivers

Care homes

  • Increased recognition for those care homes who invest in Huntington’s disease as a specialism
  • Increased specialism and expertise in supporting people with Huntington’s in care homes
  • Ongoing service development through continuous improvement
  • Increased Huntington’s disease focus and specialism within care homes
  • A recognised benchmark of quality