Background to the scheme

The care home accreditation scheme, HDA Quality Assured, was developed out of discussions and feedback from families, professionals and others stakeholders within the Huntington’s disease community who identified a common set of issues which could be tackled through accreditation.

Caring for someone with Huntington’s requires a specialist approach, including adjustments to ensure that the appropriate and highest standards of specialist care is provided. Through consultation with the Huntington's community, we learned of many care homes who provide high standards of specialist care for people with Huntington’s. However, in contrast, we learned of many others who consider themselves to be Huntington’s specialists but were found to have little understanding of the condition and lacked the resources to cope with more complex symptoms and situations.

To try to address this disparity, we embarked on an accreditation project to develop standards against which care homes can be assessed and benchmarked. This project was made possible thanks to funding from Exemplar Healthcare Ltd which paid for the first year of project development.

From initial development to launch, the project has seen many stages including-

  • Review of similar schemes
  • Extensive consultation with the Huntington's community on the design of the scheme
  • Engagement and consultation with care home providers
  • Most importantly the development of Huntington’s disease standards of care against which care homes can be assessed

The scheme will provide participating care homes with the benchmark they need to work towards, the levels of training and investment they need to make for staff and the culture they should promote in the home itself. All of which will help improve quality care and support, help people living with Huntington’s to live their lives in the best environment and put an important emphasis on a person-centred approach to care.