Medication for Huntington’s disease

There are many medications that can help with the symptoms of Huntington’s, but each individual is different and responds to treatment in a different way. It’s important to seek the support of a doctor who has an understanding of Huntington’s if there is one available in your area.

Ideally people with Huntington’s are referred to a specialist Huntington’s disease clinic by their GP. Complex medication is primarily managed through the clinic, in liaison with the patient’s GP and local health teams, such as community mental health teams.

There are a number of specialist clinics across England and Wales. Most tend to be in larger cities. Each clinic is run differently but all will have a neurologist and most have a range of other professionals too. These can include psychiatrists, specialist nurses, psychologists and other members of the MDT.

To find out about your nearest specialist Huntington’s disease clinic, get in touch with our Specialist Huntington’s Disease Adviser in your area.