Nikki will be running 63 marathons in 63 days in aid of the HDA and to break a world record!

In just over two weeks’ time, she will begin her 63 in 63 challenge at John O’Groats, running the length of the country to Land’s End, and back up again to Leicester.


Nikki said: “Last year I turned 49 and I decided I wanted to do something BIG for my 50th year on this planet. I ran 7 marathons in 7 days in 2010, which was an achievement I was very proud of. But when I finished, there was a little thought inside of me that believed I could do more.

“I train and mentor people to set fitness and running goals and help them achieve it – I help them think big, then DO big. I figured it was about time I put my money where my mouth was and get on with achieving my own BIG.

“The world record for consecutive marathons by a woman is currently at 60, so I figured I’d simply round that up to 9 weeks and go for 63.”

As well as aiming for a world record, Nikki will be using the challenge to raise funds for the HDA.

“A good friend of mine, Dirk, was diagnosed with Huntington’s. I can see the changes he’s is going through and hopefully, by supporting HAD, I can raise awareness and funds for the charity during this event. I know they are there to help him and his family.”

Nikki and her furry side-kick, her dog Rufus, have set their goals:

  • 63 marathons in 63 days (and achieve the world record)
  • 63 different locations
  • 63 opportunities to meet and run with new people
  • Raise £63,000 for HDA
  • Run with 63 newbie marathon runners as they complete their first marathon
  • Achieve 63,000 Supporter Miles through our #63in63SMiles event


There are a few ways in which you can get involved and donate.

Join Nikki for a run – up close and personal or virtually…

Up close and personal - All the dates and locations of the 63 marathons are listed on her website Join Nikki for a little bit or a lot of a marathon. Simply choose the marathon, register your details and pay the entry fee. Minus a small admin fee, this money is going to HDA.

Virtually – Can’t make it to one of her locations but you want to be a part of the running community that is aiming to achieve 63,000 Support Miles #63in63SMiles. Then head over to Nikki’s website and register for the virtual event. Minus a small admin fee, this money is going to HDA.

If you want to donate, but you don’t fancy a run with Nikki…

“That’s cool, you can go to my Just Giving page and donate to HDA there.”

Good luck Nikki!

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