Early stages of Huntington's: what to expect

Early symptoms may include slight, uncontrollable muscular movements; stumbling and clumsiness; lack of concentration and short-term memory lapses; depression and changes of mood and personality.

  • You may make movements that you don’t want to make (called chorea) while at the same time, it can become harder to make the movements you do want to make. For example, it might become more difficult to do up buttons or turn the pages of a book.
  • You may have difficulty with organising and planning.
  • You may feel and behave differently and you may become angry, irritable or frustrated.
  • You may find activities take longer or are hard to finish.
  • It may be harder to deal with new situations.
  • You may become more forgetful.

These are just a few of the possible symptoms - you may not experience them all or you may experience different ones.

There are many people living with Huntington’s who have greatly improved their quality of life by getting the right help and support.