Living with Huntington's disease

Anna's story

Anna found out in her 30's that Huntingtons disease was present in her family. She discovered she had inherited the gene in 2014.

Ellis' story

Ellis has witnessed the effects of Huntington’s disease in her grandma and dad, she discovered she had inherited the gene in 2016.

Stewart’s story

Stewart first became aware of Huntington’s disease when his mother had the gene and bravely battled the illness for 20 years.

Clare’s story

Clare's dad was diagnosed with Huntington’s just after her 25th birthday. He struggled with the disease for a further 14 years and died just after her 39th birthday.

Margaret's story

Margaret cared for her 2 brothers with HD and now is involved with HDA to start fundraising and raise awareness of HD.

Mark's story

Mark is 30 years old and about a year ago was diagnosed with having the defective Huntington’s gene.

Jeremy’s story

Jeremy's wife has Huntington's and he's been involved with his local support group for a number of years.