Additional resources

We know that caring for someone affected by Huntington's disease can be tough. Because of this, we have gathered information to help you understand the disease better while discovering areas of advice and support.

In the video to your right, you will see the ways in which the Huntington's Disease Association can help you and your family. From the perspective of one of our Specialist Huntington's Disease Advisers, you see how Huntington's can affect a whole family and what methods our SHDA's use to help and support families.

Carers stories

Below is a selection of useful videos that offer advice on being an older carer. You can hear personal stories from carers as they discuss how to manage being a full-time carer for a loved one affected by Huntington's disease. 


In this section there is an array of video’s and audio resources to help you learn more about Huntington’s disease and give guidance on the caring role.

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