COVID-19 - information and support for children and young people

There is so much for families to think about during these unpredictable and turbulent times and it’s important to remember how children and young people are affected. We understand that children are fearful of passing on the virus to other family members and how this could impact on their health. Though our instincts can be to shield and protect our children from scary things, it’s important to talk openly and honestly about COVID-19 to ensure that children have a forum to express their fears so you can help manage them.


Huntington's disease Youth Engagement service

Even though our Youth Engagement Service is unable to provide in-person visits, it is still operating from the office. You can email, call or text James to discuss any concerns you have for your children and he can offer virtual support through Skype should anyone want to connect with him. 

Email – james.o'[email protected]

Mobile – 07718 424905

You can also check out our brand new Huntington's Disease Association Youth Engagement Service Facebook page for advice and peer support. 


Further information and advice

There is some useful information available via BBC News Round that explains COVID-19 in easy to understand terms.