East London Support Group

The East London Support Group is a recent addition to the Branch meetings and was started by our Specialist Huntington's Disease Advisor, Anna Holmes, as a pop-up last year.

We have had 4 meetings so far to support people of the area affected by Huntington's disease. We hope to hold a family day in the near future with appropriate speakers; this will include lunch and discussion sessions.

Where we meet

So far our meetings have been held in a community centre, a café and most recently in a school.

When we meet

So far our meetings have been held mostly during school during holiday periods, although all meetings are postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Key contact

Chair: Graham Goode - 01895 674261, 07538 739203
Treasurer: Sharon Gorrie - 07739 175422

The branch can also be contacted by email:

[email protected]

Specialist Huntington's Adviser

Anna Holmes

01923 679 040

[email protected]