Get involved in Huntington's disease research

Research into Huntington’s disease is going on all over the world. Some researchers are trying to understand the genetics behind the disease. Some are investigating how a person’s lifestyle affects their symptoms. Others are looking at therapies and treatments. All are united in their aim of finding a cure.

Scientists sometimes look for people with Huntington’s disease, and those who don’t have the disease, to take part in research to help them get a better understanding of the Huntington's.

Take a look at the current opportunities to get involved.

Current opportunities to get involved

Anna's story

I’m from the Nottingham and am in my 30s. We found out we had Huntington’s in our family as one of my parents started developing symptoms, but previously there was no known history.

As there is a 50/50 chance of inheriting Huntington’s, I was tested in August 2014 and discovered that I too have the gene, but I hope to remain symptom free for some years yet.

Huntington’s disease is only part of my genetic make-up. I always say that if I didn’t have my genes exactly as they are, I wouldn’t be me. Huntington’s does not define who I am.

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