Online design centre

We have teamed up with RightMarket to bring you an online design centre that allows you to make your own promotional materials. From posters to social media posts and flyers, this platform is free to use and enables you to make on-brand and eye-catching designs.


Get started with RightMarket


Simply sign up and get creating! Once you have signed up, you will be directed to the design centre where you'll select a template and start creating. You can choose from a poster, flyer or social media image.

Sign up here


How to create a design


After you have selected one of our templates, you can begin to fill it with text and images. Follow the simple steps below or use our full user guide to RightMarket here

Step one - Choose one of our logos. If you are fundraising for us, choose our 'In Aid of' logo, if you are simply showing support to the charity or creating an information design, select the 'In support of' logo. 

Step two - Pick what colour theme you'd like your design to be.

Step three - Begin adding your text. Please make sure to check all spelling and do not use controversial or explicit language.

Step four - Add your images. You can either pick an image from our gallery of provided photos or upload your own. 

Step five - Click 'Update' to see how your design is shaping up.

TOP TIP - Always remember to click 'Next' and then 'Save progress'. These designs do not autosave, so please make sure to save as you go to prevent loss of work and disappointment. 

Step six - Name your design and submit it for approval with the Huntington's Disease Association. Once your design is approved, you can download it to use online or to print yourself (printing arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the creator, not the Huntington's Disease Association). Please note that each download costs the Huntington's Disease Association a small amount of money, so make sure you are happy with what you have created before download. 

Step seven - Once your design is approved, you can download it and get sharing. If your design comes back with notes from the Huntington's Disease Association, you will have to make the changes and resubmit the design for approval.

If you are struggling with your design, RightMarket is always on hand to help. Simply click the 'Help' button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. 


What can RightMarket be used for?


If you support the Huntington's Disease Association, you can use RightMarket's online design platform. For example, you could create designs for...

  • Fundraising events
  • Information days
  • Raising awareness
  • Showing your support
  • Sharing your story
  • Supporting Huntington's Disease Association campaigns

If you are affected by Huntington’s disease and need support or advice, please contact us on 0151 331 5444 or email [email protected]