Virtual fundraising

There are lots of ways you can support our work at home; take a look at some of our ideas below and get in touch with our team at for lots of support and advice on making your home fundraising a great success!


The 2.6 Challenge

We are seeking Home Heroes to raise funds for the Huntington’s Disease Association on the 26 April! The 2.6 Challenge is a virtual fundraising event taking place on what would have been the original date of the 2020 London Marathon - but don't worry, you don't need to run a marathon to take part!

Pick any challenge of your choosing, make sure it involves the numbers 2.6 or 26 – you could complete 26 push-ups, eat 26 crackers in 26 seconds, run up a flight of stairs 26 times, walk 2.6 miles, sing 26 songs in 26 minutes – do whatever takes your fancy!  Tell everyone about your challenge and ask them to sponsor you and complete your task on Sunday 26 April.

To sign up visit the 2.6 Challenge website – don’t forget to choose the Huntington’s Disease Association as your chosen charity!


The Big Charity Run

If you want to set yourself a bigger target, you could take on the ultimate isolation challenge this May! What better way to stay fit than to challenge yourself and complete a distance of 30 miles, 60 miles, 90 miles or 120 miles throughout a month. You can run, cycle or walk – set your challenge and share your challenge among your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to sponsor you! To sign up please visit our Big Charity Run event page


Organise your own online event!


You can get your friends and family to join in by using one of the many apps available to connect with your loved ones. There are lots of different apps to choose from including Houseparty, Skype, FacebookZoom, Google Hangouts and WhatsApp.

1. Organise an online social event – you could host a dinner party, a cooking challenge or a quiz night! Ask everyone to donate an “entry fee” to the Huntington’s Disease Association.


2. Netflix Party and donate – why not set up a joint cinema night with your friends using the Netflix Party Chrome Extension. Choose a favourite film, invite your friends and ask them to donate the cost of a cinema ticket towards our work.


3. Games Night – for the more competitive among you why not set up a games night! You could organise games such as Pictionary, Hangman or even card games such as Poker or Snap! For the videogamers, why not load the PlayStation, Xbox or PC and challenge your friends to a fundraiser game-a-thon! 

4. How to... – for the talented among you share your skills online. You could run a “how to….” evening and teach your friends how to make cocktails, learn to knit, play guitar or piano or learn to draw online? Ask people to make a donation towards our work in turn for learning a new hobby!


5. Bird spotting – pick a day and challenge yourself and friends to spot as many birds as you can – you can do this from your home or when you are on your daily exercise outing. Donate £1 per bird you spot towards our work. You can even draw the birds you have spotted or take photos of them and share your pictures on social media using the hashtag #BirdSpotting4HD – why not challenge other people on social media to take part as well?

6. Get quizzing - everyone loves a quiz, invite your friends and family together online to take part in the quiz of all quizzes! Donate £3 here and download our 20 question pub quiz sheet. And then all you’ll need a quiz master, pen and paper!


Organising an online event not your thing?


1. Shopping to raise funds –  a lot of us are using online retailers to deliver food and other essential goods. Did you know that if you order through certain websites you can help raise funds for our work at no extra cost to you? You shop and we receive a donation. You can shop at all your favourite retailers including ASOS, Argos, John Lewis, and Amazon. Sign up at any of these websites today to turn your shopping into donations for the Huntington’s Disease Association. 

Easy Fundraising

Give as you Live 

Amazon Smile


2. Travel and lunch - for those of you who would normally travel to and from work and get a coffee each day you could consider donating any spare money you are saving from not having to commute each day. If you donate the cost of your morning coffee each day to us this could add up to £15 per week towards our work.


3. Purchase a time capsule video for a loved one - we have teamed up with Your Big Day Ltd to offer a special online service which will also help to raise funds for our work. Your Big Day uses the latest technology to deliver, direct to your mobile, tablet or desktop, a crafted ‘time capsule’ video covering the days, months and years of the past 100 years. To learn more and place an order for your gift, visit Your Big Day. When ordering be sure to add our unique charity code 'HDA' in the special charity box on the website. Learn more here.

4. Sponsored social media boycott - we have saved the hardest for last! This is for the social media fans among you! You could organise a social media boycott - ask your family, friends and social media followers to sponsor you to stay away from social media for 24 hours, a week or even a month! Don’t forget to create your Just Giving, Virgin Money Giving or Go Fund Me page beforehand and share it far and wide – ask friends who aren’t joining your boycott to share your sponsor pages and ask people to donate!

Don’t forget you can download lots of bunting or posters from our website to help you decorate your online fundraising activities!

We’d love to hear about your virtual fundraising plans, please contact our fundraising team at and let us know all about them!