Thinking about thinking with Huntington’s webinar

Thinking about thinking with Huntington’s webinar




Wednesday 11 November 2020


2.30pm - 4.00pm

We are delighted to be joined by Jimmy Pollard, author of Hurry Up and Wait to talk to us about 'Thinking about thinking with Huntington's'. Caregivers work hard to understand how Huntington’s disease affects their loved one’s thinking, why are they so impatient, their temper so short? It takes those with Huntington’s longer to think about things. The little things in life that were carried out unconsciously now require conscious effort as Huntington’s progresses. This can be tiring and annoying, we see these difficulties but folks with Huntington’s can actually feel them. Understanding how it feels to think with these challenges often helps us to see these problems in a new light, from the point of view of the person with Huntington’s disease.

In this webinar, Jimmy will share a series of interactive exercises that simulate and demonstrate how thinking with Huntington’s affects our interactions and challenges how we communicate with one another. Thinking with Huntington’s is a primary challenge to those living with it. Accommodating these cognitive features is just as challenging to caregivers.

Jimmy has done this for the Huntington’s Disease Association many times over the last fifteen years. Join us for the first time or come for a refresher. Please bring a pen and piece of paper to write on for the webinar. The webinar will take place on Wednesday 11 November 2.30 pm - 4.00 pm. To join you will need to register in advance below

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