#50MyWay fundraising challenge

#50MyWay fundraising challenge




Friday 12 November 2021


Saturday 12 November 2022



To help us celebrate the Huntington's Disease Association's 50th anniversary, we're asking you to take part in our new challenge #50MyWay!

What is #50MyWay? 

#50Myway is our new fundraising initiative to help us celebrate our 50th anniversary. We want you to be inspired by the number 50 and come up with your own challenge to help us raise £50,000 over the coming year. You could...


  • Take part in 50 runs throughout our anniversary year 
  • Bake and sell 50 cakes 
  • Complete 50 squats for 50 days 
  • Swim 50 lengths of your local pool 
  • Do an activity of your choice for 50 minutes for 50 days 
Or come up with your own idea to help us reach our target. 

How to get involved?

You can sign up to take part in #50MyWay using the button below. It is totally free and you can set whatever fundraising target and challenge you like - as long as it relates to 50!

Sign up here

Promote your amazing work! 

Don't forget to promote your amazing work far and wide! We have an array of resources you can use to create posters, social media posts, bunting, stickers, and more! Simply follow the links below to download our belly poster and bunting.


To request #50MyWay stickers and other fundraising materials, contact [email protected].

You can also use our free design platform RightMarket to create on-brand social media posts, leaflets, flyers, and more to promote and share your #50MyWay fundraiser! All you have to do is register with RightMarket and start designing.

Register for RightMarket here

If you have any questions or would like advice on your #50MyWay fundraiser, please contact [email protected]

If fundraisers aren't your thing, you can still support people affected by Huntington's disease by donating. Click the button below to donate or alternatively, contact us on 0151 331 5444 or email [email protected]

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